Tine Deboelpaep

tinedbp@gmail.com / b.1992, Gent / Education: KASK, Ghent, 2016 – Diploma in Master of Fine Arts / www.instagram.com/tine_deboelpaep/ /


“for a moment I thought I will not make it, but maybe I’ll be just fine.”

Tine Deboelpaep (BE) is interested in how the notions of well-being and care have evolved, in relation to religion and under the influence of the dominant ‘ism’s’ in today’s digital age. Therefore, it is not surprising her artistic practice and the former ‘Heilig Hart’ church was a match made in heaven. During her stay in Venlo, the Our Lady of Genooi devotional chapel struck the artist’s interest and formed the initial impulse for a new series of works where worship, professional ambitions facing (self-care) failure, and monetary exchange intertwine. The artist mediates you via research snippets and little, personal messages throughout the installation as an invitation to spend some time here. Without getting rid of a critical angle, her work is full of witty associations, art historical references and a healthy dose of sentimentality.