Rosa Vrij / b. 1994, Utrecht / Education: Toneelacademie, Maastricht, 2022 – Diploma in M.A. Theater – ZUYD, Maastricht, 2016 – Diploma in B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts/ /


The tip of my head itches

I want to disappear into the grooves of the building,
hide in the corners,
be one with the wall,
floor – or under the floor,
carry the building or simply be carried,
one with the structure, be enclosed and be the enclosure
The tip of my head itches
For Destination Unknown Rosa Vrij explored how to capture the atmosphere of the Heilig Hartkerk by drawing in the here and now. She continues this search throughout the exhibition, by making a live drawing in charcoal and white chalk on a platform upon which the pews formerly rested. In this act she invites the audience to become a witness and sparring partner of her process.