Yeonwoo Chang

Collecting Tears is an immersive, multimedia installation that delves into the profound relationship between water and humans, encompassing physical, historical, and spiritual dimensions. Roermond, where the rivers Maas and Roer have long defined the landscape, has been constantly changing its shape as humans reconstruct its water borderlines.

e-mail /  b. 1989, Korea /  Education: Academy of Fine Art, Dresden (DE). 2023 – Diploma in Class of Susan Philipsz, Fine Art / University of Seoul(South Korea), 2013  – Diploma in Bachelor Fine Art / www.website.nl /

The transition of the water of Roermond reveals the human intention and relation to natural resources and economic interests. This thematic exploration extends to the remaining construction on the former factory site, raising questions about our future value. Water here takes on the role of a symbolic, spiritual guide, leading us through the essence of its quality and encouraging deep contemplation about our place in the tapestry of existence.