Lily Lanfermeijer

Traces of kids drawings and a yellow smudged graffiti on the inside walls of the Sint Martinus School make me look at the similarities within their approach. Stealing sweets from the concierge or breaking into the playground to climb up the roof of the bike shed to look at it from a different view point. The toilet spaces in the Sint Martinus school draw me back to when I was so small, that when standing up I could see my face in those mirrors that now come up to my belly.

l.lanfermeijer@gmail.com / 1990, Amsterdam / Sandberg Institute , 2017 -Diploma in Immediate Spaces / Gerrit Rietveld Academy , 2014 -Diploma in Image & Language / www.lilylanfermeijer.com

Animal stickers and names on coatracks in the hall way go together with the memory of just learning to tie my own shoelace. It is difficult to describe how to do something that is now such an instinct. Leftbelow right, make a bow in both hands and pull the bow under the left one.

When you turn right from here there is a pet shop, with birds in cages and toys for the birds. They remind me of the making of jewellery and the way we adorn our bodies. They make me wonder about the creative expression and display in the interior of the pets owner.

When you go left from here you will soon find the pizzeria ‘Sardinia’ with a classical pizzeria interior; fake fresco’s and copy’s of statues; boys waiting in the kitchen for the order note to pop out of the machine. Where in the kitchen the dough is carefully being touched and ritualistically covered while the pizza shovel is slowly being turned like a paper fan.

Within all this found material I like to compare shapes and recreate a mix of the (non)intentional expressions of a sculptural gesture.