Koen Kievits

Knowing that the factory of VossenBreuers would soon partly disappear and be rebuilt, I wanted to preserve the story of the building.

Koenkievits33@gmail.com / 1996, Hilversum / ArtEZ, Arnhem, 2019 – Diploma in Bachelor art & Research / www.koenkievits.com

Tegelen is known for its rich ceramics history. In collaboration with de Tiendschuur in Tegelen the old cigar boxes of Vossen-Breuers were recreated using the most modern techniques available. The new residents of the factory building will receive one of those boxes for safekeeping.

A slide projector shows multiple photographs taken at the quarry in Tegelen, one of the last working cigar factories in the Netherlands and the Vossen-Breuers factory building.