Kim Gromoll

A birds universe is inspired by the discovery of three deceased birds and offers a curious perspective on their natural cycle of life.

kim-gromoll@gmx.de / 1994, Cologne / Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Maastricht, 2019 – Diploma in Bachelor of Fine Arts / www.kimgromoll.com

Within this playful research I explore the transformation of a physical body. Once their life has passed all that physically remains is in fact minerals. The new physical manifestations contain their minerals and are shaped as subjects for thought. Through interaction and movement new energy is created in the name of each bird. Investigating and examining the physical world, bodies, transformation and time.

wood, site specific glass, crystal glass, bird ashes, water


As an addition to the existing series of works called Cocoon, which intends to shift our perspective on nature by illuminating the world of insects & tiny inhabitants that we may encounter on a daily basis, I was inspired to create a site-specific and unique version for DU2021. This piece houses a collection of insects found on a single windowsill. The shape of the cocoon reminds us of the composition in which the dead insects were encountered.

glass, deceased insects

Future Fossils

shows a recording of the plants that are present within the environment of the old cigar factory. These inhabitants will soon have to make way in favour of housing development. By imprinting them within glass panels their presence is captured and may be remembered.

The act of giving attention to the weeds and wild plants is a playful yet critical gesture on our interaction with the natural world.

wild plants, glass, metal frame


An historic picture of the cigar factory was printed on posters, then soaked in a natural glue and placed on a wall. Being exposed to the outside environment causes a process of decay and consummation as natural beings such as insects and mold feast on the images. Different stages of consumption may be observed on each print.

Habitat combines the past & future of the Vossen-Breuers building by reflecting upon the continuous present moment in relation to the process of decay.

newsprint paper 90g/m, sugar, wheat, water