Juliana Zepka

Roermond 2023. What once was the heart of the Philips factory is now a body without organs: pipelines, valves and machines, that used to distribute the necessary heat and energy to maintain the site’s activity, have been shut down.

e-mail /  b. 1995, Paris (FR) /  Education: Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, 2022  – Diploma in Master Fine Arts / Strasbourg University(FR), 2019 – Diploma in Master in Creative Research, Visual arts Department/ Strasbourg University(FR), 2018 – Diploma in Master in Critical Studies: Essay and Writings on Contemporary Art, / Strasbourg University(FR), 2016 – Diploma in Bachelor in Fine Arts/ www.website.nl /

 As time seems to have lead the former factory to silence and inertia, The Boiler House (building E) becomes home to a patient and careful
auscultation. An archive of the process, built from layers of field recordings, notes and observations, offers an attempt to reanimate the space by documenting the lingering traces of energy still present on the site.