Julia Strömland

LIQUID FOSSIL, SOLID DUST the quarry Six holes have been cut into the concrete slab. Out of the rubble emerges a site for material collection; a source from which new composites, interactions, and imaginaries can form. Ten stones offer an invitation to come closer.

juliastromland@gmail.com  / 1993, based in Rotterdam / Uppsala University, Uppsala (SE), 2021 – Diploma in Art history / The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen(DK), 2019 – Diploma in Master Political Architecture: Critical sustainability / https://juliastromland.com

the vessels

Four cast objects, storing matter collected from within and around the building. Rubble and sand are mixed, poured, and solidified, seeking a hyperlocal concrete. As points of grounding, the objects form archives of material both physical and absent, familiar and imaginary.

the traces

Traces found within the building, petrified. Moving from fluid to solid, the flat casts create an intimate gesture. Both fragile and unbreakable, they reveal what may have gone unnoticed, perhaps asking: where do we go from here?