Jonathan Gaarthuis

Light flows between use every minute of the day between time and space. I don’t necessarily want to catch it, but I want to show a moment from the ungraspable. Even if it is just a fraction of a second. I’m trying to show something, which passes us be even though it is visible.

info@jonathangaarthuis.nl / 1987, Rotterdam / Sint Joost Breda, 2012 – Diploma in Bachelor in Fine Arts /  www.jonathangaarthuis.nl

In this small room I just follow the light every hour of one day. Some of the elements I highlight out what I have seeing. You see a installation where te light starts in the morning to the evening. It makes a half round cirkel that start from the right on to the ground and to the left. Material what I used where some old isolation plates what i found on the attic.

Light Flows 05-09-2019

The light flows into the class room is a little bit the same as the other one only this is just one moment where the light shines in to the room. It was in the morning around 10 o clock. I taped it first and made the frames with the ceiling plates from the class room.

A bird flow against a window

A bird flow against a window and broke it in the hall way. I closed the window with some wooden boards. Now there is no light from outside coming in the hall way again from this spot. In the night the street lights shine trough the windows and make frames. Because the window is shut down the light frame was gone. So I made a new one with some transparent glossy lacquer on the wall. It is a very subtle work

All these works are connected with each other and goes about time and space.

Destination Unknown gifted me the space to work and experiment on making some new site specific work. It was a great experience and a meet some new friends.