Jesse Strikwerda

Jesse Strikwerda (1991) creates installations and sculptures in which the manipulability of reality is central. Unraveling the layers of a constructed reality is the starting point for an investigation into the framework of an image. Elements from reality (building materials, found objects) are interspersed with images (drawings, comic-like elements), creating an exciting game in which it becomes painfully clear in a playful way that everything can be made and dismantled.

info@jessestrikwerda.com  / 1991, Based in Utrecht / ArtEZ, Zwolle, 2013 – Diploma in Bachelor of design / www.jessestrikwerda.com

The installation at the old cigar factory, titled “Harpies empty nest” can be seen as a reconstruction of a story told too many times. The installation combines site specific interventions, sculptures, (sand) drawings and film.