Jeanine Vloemans

In my art practice I research painting and how it can become more spatial. I am inspired by ancient cultures and their stories. Using these stories as a starting point, I build my own visual language.

jeaninevloemans@gmail.com  / 1995, ‘s-Hertogenbosch / AKV | St.Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 2017 – Diploma in Bachelor of Fine Arts / www.jeaninevloemans.nl

The temporary state of the old cigar factory gave me inspiration to work with sand and pigments, creating floorpaintings that will dissolve over time.

Also, the process of building up and tearing a building down again, made me think of building itself as a human act. As a child you play around with building blocks. The attic can stack memories or can be a playful space.

Installation with pigment and sand floor paintings and sculptures in polystyrene, acrylic paint and PlayDoh.