Ida Leijting

The Latin ‘bivio’ translates to: a crossroad, a place with two ways. Not one ‘via’ but a pair; two paths. It is the junction where opposing roads meet, where battles are fought and a victor is chosen; right or wrong, good or bad, heaven or hell.

ida.leijting@hotmail.com / 1998, Doetinchem (NL) / ArtEZ, Arnhem, 2021 – Bachelor in BEAR Fine Art / www.idaleijting.com

The Heilig Hartkerk [The Sacred Heart Church] was built on a crossroad. As is mentioned in its cornerstone:‘’’Cor sacrum cunctis nobis adsis in bivio’’, ‘’May the Sacred Heart be with us at the crossroad’’.

Today, the the latter has proven its danger; the Sacred Heart has bled to death.

Throughout the performance/audio-tour ‘Bivio’, the spectator is invited to experience this demise and to join its procession: a gesture in which we walk through all of the crossroads together.