Hussel Zhu

First confession: I shared a memory that made me feel uneasy. I analyzed its components. Then I realized I had confabulated what I said even though it genuinely happened.

husselzhu@gmail.com /1993, Shanghai (CN) / St Joost, Den Bosch, 2021 – Diploma in MFA in Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice / , Shanghai institute of visual art of Fudan University, Shanghai, 2015 – Diploma in Bachelor Photography / www.husselzhu.com

Second confession:
The Tu’er Shen (rabbit god) is a Chinese deity who manages love and sex between homosexual people. He sits in the center compartment, and slowly the room gets the impact of the plague.

Third confession:
I did my first public performance last month in Rotterdam. Lately, I have played this video record to my parent, who has been living in an area have nothing related to contemporary art.