Hein van Duppen

Mmik is an outdoor kitchen for communal activities. It is built from collected materials found in the school. Together with the other artists Hein played with the use, purpose and function of different materials they found in the school: building a wood oven with pavement stones and creating a top from a sink. Even the title of the work was based on a name tag found in the school. The title of the outdoor kitchen, which is an old Dutch word for dough, was visible above the entry of the school. During the exhibition the outdoor kitchen served fresh handmade pizzas.

info@heinvanduppen.nl / 1988, Tilburg / Sandberg Instituut, 2016 – Diploma in MAster of Interior Architecture MIA, Gerrit  / Rietveld Academie, 2014 – Diploma in Inter-Architecture / www.heinvanduppen.nl