Arthur Cordier

The city sprouts with interim agencies. Through one of them I hired three exhibition visitors. The employment offer states the

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Jesse Strikwerda

Jesse Strikwerda (1991) creates installations and sculptures in which the manipulability of reality is central. Unraveling the layers of a

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Joep Caenen

Free Minigolf Tegelen is a series of midgetgolf tracks built with spare materials found at the former cigar factory of

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Julia Strömland


the quarry

Six holes have been cut into the concrete slab. Out of the rubble emerges a site

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Kim Gromoll

A birds universe is inspired by the discovery of three deceased birds and offers a curious perspective on their natural

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Koen Kievits

Knowing that the factory of VossenBreuers would soon partly disappear and be rebuilt, I wanted to preserve the story of

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Nele Brökelmann

Difference across Distance

With this Unstable Ground iteration, I am inviting you to encounter our human worldly entanglement and reflect on

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Sanne Kabalt

Between the real and the imaginary, between here and there, between self and other, it is often assumed that distinctions

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