Robin Kersten

Het schijnt dat deeltjes in okerrood zich naar het magentisch noorden richten. Dit verwonderde mij en bracht me tot de vraag: wat betekent de stof of kleur op zichzelf?

Jonathan Gaarthuis

Light flows between use every minute of the day between time and space. I don’t necessarily want to catch it, but I want to show a moment from the ungraspable. Even if it is just a fraction of a second. I’m trying to show something, which passes us be even though it is visible.

Bas de Weerd

Three months fly past so quickly we went from the height of summer well on our way into the fall. Living and working in the large empty building, as the weather changed the air became cold, sometimes it felt as if we had become ghosts haunting the empty halls. But for a few days, during the exhibition weekend, I think we managed to breath some life into this abandoned place.

Reinier Vrancken

In het noordelijk trappenhuis springt in eerste instantie vooral de afwezigheid van werk in het oog. Degenen die eerder een postkaart ontvingen als aankondiging van het werk valt het negendelige gebrandschilderde glas-in-loodraam van Frans Lommen op. Een van deze negen langwerpige ramen⏤het deel van de voorstelling met daarop het uiteinde van Sint Maartens sabel die de met drie vingers vastgehouden mantel doorklieft⏤werd gereproduceerd als postkaart. In plaats van iets toe te voegen is iets bestaands simpelweg herschikt. Net zoals de postkaart eigenlijk ook vooral het opnieuw plaatsen van een bestaande afbeelding is.

Lily Lanfermeijer

Traces of kids drawings and a yellow smudged graffiti on the inside walls of the Sint Martinus School make me look at the similarities within their approach. Stealing sweets from the concierge or breaking into the playground to climb up the roof of the bike shed to look at it from a different view point. The toilet spaces in the Sint Martinus school draw me back to when I was so small, that when standing up I could see my face in those mirrors that now come up to my belly.

Diogo Gonçalves

My experience in Destination Unknown’s Residency was very enriching. Although I was working in a completely unknown environment to me, there was an extraordinary connexion with the space.

When facing a space where experiences and materials were accumulated over the years, the relation with it is driven by a unique reading.

Leandros Ntolas

found objects, photoluminescent pigment, LED light

A site-specific light installation, proposing a simple reversal on our perception of space. In Emitted Light Space, a room is perceived through emitted light–emanating from the surfaces of the walls and objects in the room–instead of reflected light as is usually the case in our everyday perception of the environment.

Bruno De Marco

For the last two years my artistic practice has been developed between errantry and permanence, being the object of art created during or in between travellings. This leads my production to be detached from specific media, which arises from the contingency of the means and inhabited places. This approach results in a body of work that revolves around the themes of identity development, memory and the relation of the individual to the surrounding space.

Risja Steeghs

During my time at Destination Unknown 2019 I aimed to create a new immersive installation for the old school building. Starting with the idea to read and write poetry for the abandoned space to build a personal relationship with it. This acted as a basis for the creation of Tangerine Dream Space, an installation with moving image, textile tapestries , ceramic and plaster objects as well as a moss and Himalayan blossom scent.

Hein van Duppen

Mmik is an outdoor kitchen for communal activities. It is built from collected materials found in the school. Together with the other artists Hein played with the use, purpose and function of different materials they found in the school: building a wood oven with pavement stones and creating a top from a sink. Even the title of the work was based on a name tag found in the school. The title of the outdoor kitchen, which is an old Dutch word for dough, was visible above the entry of the school. During the exhibition the outdoor kitchen served fresh handmade pizzas.