Anna Gerrits


Synthetic drop sounds, melted glass drops, arduino, stepper motors, speakers, threads

Nele Brökelmann

Difference across Distance

With this Unstable Ground iteration, I am inviting you to encounter our human worldly entanglement and reflect on how categorisation systems influence our ways of knowing/experiencing.

Julia Strömland


the quarry

Six holes have been cut into the concrete slab. Out of the rubble emerges a site for material collection; a source from which new composites, interactions, and imaginaries can form. Ten stones offer an invitation to come closer.

Arthur Cordier

The city sprouts with interim agencies. Through one of them I hired three exhibition visitors. The employment offer states the nature of the job: Looking for Exhibition visitors. The job is a paid position.

Jeanine Vloemans

In my art practice I research painting and how it can become more spatial. I am inspired by ancient cultures and their stories. Using these stories as a starting point, I build my own visual language.

Jesse Strikwerda

Jesse Strikwerda (1991) creates installations and sculptures in which the manipulability of reality is central. Unraveling the layers of a constructed reality is the starting point for an investigation into the framework of an image. Elements from reality (building materials, found objects) are interspersed with images (drawings, comic-like elements), creating an exciting game in which it becomes painfully clear in a playful way that everything can be made and dismantled.

Joep Caenen

Free Minigolf Tegelen is a series of midgetgolf tracks built with spare materials found at the former cigar factory of Vossen-Breuers. This temporary intervention welcomes bypassers and visitors at the main gate. The invitation is to simply join in, play or build and meet others. Intended as a platform for social interaction, connection and bringing positive energy to the location.

Kim Gromoll

A birds universe is inspired by the discovery of three deceased birds and offers a curious perspective on their natural cycle of life.

Koen Kievits

Knowing that the factory of VossenBreuers would soon partly disappear and be rebuilt, I wanted to preserve the story of the building.

Sanne Kabalt

Between the real and the imaginary, between here and there, between self and other, it is often assumed that distinctions exist. Edges, lines, boundaries. With this work I attempt to blur these distinctions and merge with the surroundings. The tools I use are another space, the color turquoise, a gentle, flickering light, a poem and a popsong. There is no such thing as an ending – where I end and the chair begins, where I end and the air begins.