Anke Huntjens

My work is a reflection of my personality; exuberant, playful and chaotic. My fascinations, experiences, dreams and insecurities emerge in the installations I make. I work with found objects, toys and textiles.

Danni van Amstel

In my work I question what effect habitation has on a space.
I am interested in embodied space: how people leave traces by inhabiting a space, their breath, their use of space, the wear and tear they cause, the objects they use, and the traces of their thoughts and their memories.

Dina Dressen

In my artistic practice, the process itself is just as important as the final product. New pieces are not created in a vacuum, but are embedded in the oeuvre. It is a constant process of selection, in which many elements are discarded or reworked. For me, art is a continuous experiment, with different variables, including media, time, space and a chance.

Eef Schoolmeesters

For myself, I wanted to use and approach the space differently than how I had done before. Usually I work with photographic prints in 2D. I wanted to think about which elements I could experiment with and use differently.

Eleye Boerenkamps

Eleye Boerenkamps (NL, 1994) showed composition #1 of her work Nuclear waste in five different rooms in a workers’ cottage at number 43 Valentijnstraat. Here she made works on the spot with her own waste in five rooms, spread over two floors, including the living room, bathroom, two bedrooms and a small room.

Eva Hoonhout

My work originates in observing. I soon found out that I don’t get my ideas by fantasizing but by looking. With observation as a starting point, the core of my work lies in the relationship between the surface of the depicted object and the physical qualities of our material environment. The domain of the commercial image, the rules associated with the mass-produced product and the individual everyday life of the resident are important to me.

Kim Reijntjens

Focusing on performance and theater within the visual arts, Reijntjens brings together elements of various disciplines in her work, including film, theatrical installations, props, sound and live performance.