Michele Bazzoli

Overwrite is a single-channel site-specific digital video work that explores how historical memory is enmeshed into landscapes, architecture, and objects.

e-mail /  b. 1991, Italy /  Education: AKV|St.Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 2021  – Diploma in Visual Arts, MFA, Master Institute of Visual Cultures / BFA (Brera Academy of Fine Arts), Milan, 2018 – Diploma in Painting / www.website.nl /  

It questions our relationship with these elements and our responsibilities when entering a new space, inviting the viewer to reflect on how our actions can alter, erase, or rewrite their identity. When does overwriting become deleting? And how can we co-write with our surrounding environment? collaborate with. So for every window pane I have welded and stretched it’s own screen printing frame, to then screen print the window with seven other places than this one.