Caroline Sarneel

From an immediate arduous feeling I got from this place I kept focussing on the windows, on the outside view. Although nature is taking over outside, I feel no life and only death here, as a died off limb.

e-mail /  b. 1992, Maastricht /  Education: MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design), 2022  – Diploma in Fine Arts / www.website.nl /  

The acoustics and quantity of this space are so overwhelming that it paralyzes me, and I seek a way out. This window, or set of windows, caught my att ention from the first moment and I’ve come to feel a large amount of appreciation for it’s composition and it is the only element in this building that I feel connected to and want to collaborate with. So for every window pane I have welded and stretched it’s own screen printing frame, to then screen print the window with seven other places than this one.