Bruno De Marco

For the last two years my artistic practice has been developed between errantry and permanence, being the object of art created during or in between travellings. This leads my production to be detached from specific media, which arises from the contingency of the means and inhabited places. This approach results in a body of work that revolves around the themes of identity development, memory and the relation of the individual to the surrounding space.

demarco.bru@gmail.com / 1995, Foz do Iguaçu -Brazil / Upper School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, 2018 – Diploma in Bachelor in Fine Arts / António Arroio Professional Art School, 2015 – Diploma in Stage Design

During my period at DU 19, I decided to depart from the artist Elina Brotherus’s motto (which quotes the choreographer Deborah Hay) “what if where I am and what I do is what I need,” and use it as a central structure of reflection. From it, resulted an investigation on what it is to inhabit and claim a space by means of a performatic and drawing practice, but also the space’s consequent influence on that same production. The works presented during the final exhibition were an extension and consequence of that process.