Jun Zhang

“Nomadic Washerwomen” is based on the artistic research about the “openbare wasplaats” as well as its derived folklore and Dutch soap industry.

Suzanna van Oers

It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty.

Ida Leijting

The Latin ‘bivio’ translates to: a crossroad, a place with two ways. Not one ‘via’ but a pair; two paths. It is the junction where opposing roads meet, where battles are fought and a victor is chosen; right or wrong,
good or bad, heaven or hell.

Valeria Moro

interactive game
Systems define reality. Often in the opposition of concepts. In a church, reality is defined in the opposition between permitted and forbidden, between sacred and profane, between body and spirit.

Hussel Zhu

First confession:
I shared a memory that made me feel uneasy. I analyzed its components. Then I realized I had confabulated what I said even though it genuinely happened.

Rosa Vrij

For Destination Unknown Rosa Vrij explored how to capture the atmosphere of the Heilig Hartkerk by drawing in the here and now. She continues this search throughout the exhibition, by making a live drawing in charcoal and white chalk on a platform upon which the pews formerly rested.

Louisa Vergozisi

It Still Is What It Is (series of works) Vergozisi’s works emerged from objects and materials found in the current situation of the church itself. Her intervention in these, inweaves the materiality and the meaning providing a moment to review conditions and behaviours related to the exercise of the Christian Catholic faith.

Tine Deboelpaep

Tine Deboelpaep (BE) is interested in how the notions of well-being and care have evolved, in relation to religion and under the influence of the dominant ‘ism’s’ in today’s digital age.