Anke Huntjens

My work is a reflection of my personality; exuberant, playful and chaotic. My fascinations, experiences, dreams and insecurities emerge in the installations I make. I work with found objects, toys and textiles.

anke_huntjens@msn.com / 1991, Heerlen /  MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design), 2015 – Diploma in Fine Arts / www.ankehuntjens.nl

My work manifests itself in many ways, ranging from drawings, paintings, sculptures to installations. It often looks absurd, grotesque, comical or chaotic. The work stems from my fascinations, memories, dreams, my unconscious, insecurities and everyday things I encounter. I magnify my insecurities and show them to the world. Art is for me a means to express my emotions in an intuitive way. The materials and objects I find and get are a tool to work with. The fantasies are transformed by me into essential installations. Fantasy and expression are paramount, everything is possible. First I create chaos and then structure it. It is a ‘horror vacuum’ of stuff in the studio where I work.

Found or received materials are given a new meaning. I take things that I find in my parents’ attic to my studio. I give these forgotten objects a new destination and in this way they acquire a different meaning. I place them in a new context, so that they tell a new story or acquire a different identity. Heterogeneous elements come together to create a new image. The viewer is given the space in the work to find his own way.

My work must be accessible and able to enter into a dialogue with society and the public. My installations fit in empty buildings, non places or in public space. My work can be anywhere and should invite you to look, marvel, amaze and touch. Just as playing and laughing binds people together, art is for everyone. It is an endless, dynamic journey to self-knowledge and awareness that my story