Destination Unknown (DU) is a non-profit organisation that offers a working period for young artists in locations which are temporarily vacant; waiting to be reclaimed by new owners or waiting to be demolished. Artists are invited to fill these vacancies with creative site-specific ideas and interventions, reacting on the environment of the location.

DU is a nomadic organisation, which implies that it is based on another location every year.

DU is raised from the need to give a platform to young artists. DU realizes from personal experience that it is difficult for young artists to gain access to institutes that offer them the opportunity to show their talent and to evolve. Therefore DU will not only facilitate an exhibition opportunity, but will focus explicity on artistic and personal growth.

Furthermore, we organize evening programs with interesting speakers, film evening and so on. We ensure that there are enough studio discussions with people from the art world, and this allows the young artist to easily make connections. DU ensures that there are sufficient studio visits with people from the art world.

Board & Team

Linda Lenssen – Team

Valerie van Holten – Secretary

Tim Quaedackers – Treasurer

Hester van Tongerlo – Team

Kim Reijntjens – Chairwoman

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